Based well north of the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Philharmonic is the world’s youngest and northernmost orchestra, located in the two Norwegian arctic cities, Bodø and Tromsø – and with the whole northern region as its home.

1: The structure of the orchestra is unique and innovative - both in Norway and in the rest of the world. It has been established as a brand new and flexible concept, with an entire region joining forces to develop this new orchestra organization in the arctic region.

2: Since it was founded in 2009, the orchestra has become one of Northern Norway’s largest and most active cultural institutions, giving app. 150 concerts- and opera performances each year, throughout the region, the nation and abroad.

3: The Arctic Philharmonics home base is Northern Norway and the High North. This local foundation is important for the orchestra, but the orchestra is also looking beyond Norway, and want to be an ambassador, representing the nation and the High North, also on international venues.

4: The high north with its nature and history is a strategic fundament for the Arctic Philharmonic – in the programming work, the marketing and communications, and all the way to the concert experience. The arctic is the core in both the visual and artistic profile.

We produce full-scale opera performances and alternate between different ensemble formats on a regular basis. That means that in the course of a year you can meet us in everything from small chamber groups via the sinfonietta and chamber orchestra to a full philharmonic orchestra. We have regular concerts in our two cities, Bodø and Tromsø, but our home base comprises all of Northern Norway and the High North. The Principal Conductor of our philharmonic orchestra is Christian Lindberg, the Artistic Director of our chamber orchestra is Henning Kraggerud and the Artistic Director of our sinfonietta Øyvind Bjorå.