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    Jan Garbarek Group,


    13.08.2017 - 13.08.2017

    Søndag 13. august. The Edge



    Nobody plays the Saxophone quite like Jan Garbarek. His sound has become
    an unmistakable trademark and this sound for some time now has acquired
    another dimension than what is generally understood as Jazz. Innumerable
    record releases, concerts in the most significant concert-halls throughout the
    world, the many years he collaborated with Keith Jarrett or his unprecedented
    work with the Hilliard Ensemble have made this unique Saxophonist popular
    across all musical genres and borders.
    It has never been of any interest to him that critics need to find convenient
    labels to sort people out into musical categories. Garbarek eludes this
    attempt. You find his work in Jazz, Classic and Pop-charts. Since the early
    days of the Munich cult label ECM he has been one of its most successful
    The sound alone certainly does not make the music. In his compositions and
    improvisations Jan Garbarek is a master of unbelievable tuneful music that
    cuts right into our soul. Expansive sound spaces stretch from absolute
    tranquility to expressive rapture, radiating an astounding sense of peace that
    however does not allow a moment of boredom. His concerts develop in a
    highly organic manner providing a wide ark of rising tension. This music
    breathes and provides space to breathe. This music sounds simple and
    complex at the same time. This music is hymnal and sparse, playful and
    serious, immersed and exceptionally open, intense rather than sentimental.
    On his current tour Jan Garbarek will be accompanied by his keyboardist of
    many years, Rainer Brüninghaus, the e-bassist from Brazil, Yuri Daniel and
    master drummer Trilok Gurtu from India. These musicians, all of them
    technically highly trained, guarantee that the mutual journey will offer an
    extraordinary concert experience filled with magical moments. An
    unmistakable sense for density and ambience generates a sound space that
    leaves traces in ones deepest self - a sensual sensation.


    JAN GARBAREK saxophone
    YURI DANIEL bass
    TRILOK GURTU percussion

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